We do it all!

 We are the "One Stop Shop": Family owned and operated in Elk Grove for over 30 years. 


We hold registered Minority Owned Business status with the State of Califorinia.


Sewer repairs & installation; Storm drains; Concrete and asphalt; Earthwork (building pads); 3/4" recycled aggregate base delivered, Graded and compacted on your lot or driveway; A.C. repairs, sealcoating, demolition and cleanup; Hazardous Materials removal; Debris boxes (10, 20, 30 and 40 yard containers plus watertight and concrete washout containers); we accept clean broken asphalt/concrete with no dumping charges; underground utilites; vacuum excavation, septic tank pumping, plus numerous other capabilities.


We offer Concrete Ready Mix delivered in Mixer Trucks to your location; we can also provide color in the Ready Mix upon customer's request (Davis colors).

We recycle clean broken asphalt/concrete to manufacture a Caltrans-approved 3/4" Recycled Aggregate Base.  We also accept clean broken asphalt/concrete for no dumping charges!  No dirt or garbage allowed in loads.  Save the Landfills by bringing us your materials which we recycle to 100%!

We have a fleet of trucks waiting to deliver our product to your jobsite.  Semi-Bottom Dumps, End Dumps and 10 Wheelers are available upon your request.  We even have a small truck for 5 tons and under to deliver to your home or business.

We have a Vactor Vacuum Truck available to pump septic, sewer cleaning and clearing and numerous other possibilities. This truck is also used for vacuum excavation which efficiently uncovers natural gas lines, petroleum pipelines, water mains and more while avoiding the damage that can happen with traditional excavation.

That Monty, he's quite the character but I can describe my situation and he always comes up with a creative solution that saves me... time, money, and effort... and makes me look good with the boss.

Elk Grove, CA

Honest answers and great service is why I continue to do business with Rooco and have been for almost a dozen years.


Wilton, CA

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